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Connections Live Program

Fly/In Cruise/In Video Magazine

Cockpit view of a typical  pleasure flight in the CISS Blanik L-23

Aerotow viewed from Towplane ( courtesy of David Waymire)

  • Out the Back - Glider piloted by Mario Lazanga. Tow plane pilot Mike Nichols

A flight in a Central Indiana Soaring Society club glider ( courtesy of Chris Hall )

John Day's First Solo Flight ( courtesy of Mario Lazaga )

Rearranging the CISS Fleet ( courtesy of David Waymire)

Memorable moments from the 2009 Soaring Season ( courtesy of Mario Lazaga )

Soaring Hoosier - Typical hazy August day on 20 August 2010 ( courtesy of Mario Lazaga )

CISS 50th Anniversary Memories ( courtesy of Mario Lazaga )

Soaring with Indiana Joni

  •  Joni Mitchel came one July 4th to fly with us. The footage was used in her program "Indiana Joni"