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Congratulations Mike Nichols

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CISS has another Glider Instructor! 

Burt Compton published the following announcement on rec aviation soaring on January 26th. 

Another Glider Flight Instructor!   Mike Nichols has added the glider category to his (airplane) Flight Instructor Certificate at Marfa.   Mike is from the Central Indiana Soaring Society and escaped the cold winter up north to finish his training down here in southwest Texas, then take his free checkride with me in my new ASK-21 sailplane.   Being well-prepared and motivated, Mike finished a bit early in the 7 days he allotted at Marfa so he is staying in my free guest house for 2 more days to enjoy the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park before his airline flight out of El Paso.  

Lets hope Mike brings some of that Marfa soaring weather home with him to Indiana. 


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Congrats Mike!!

By Richard Hansen --

Richard E Hansen

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We need to schedule a time for you to tell everyone about soaring around Marfa.  It's a long trip; you'll have to let everyone know if it is worth the drive.

By Mark Rottler
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Way to go Mike,



By Ron Clarke --

Member of the club for 36 years .

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I bet you really enjoyed Marfa and the area around it too.  Clear air, spectacular high desert views and great TexMex and Lone Star beer!  And the rating thrown in.  Way to go.  

By Don Taylor --

Donald K. Taylor