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Flying Wednesday April 9

John Earlywine's picture

This Wednesday ( April 9 ) looks like a very good soaring day so we will start up what we hope will become a regular flying day each good weather Wednesday this year .

Kris Maynard has kindly agreed to tow beginning 12:30 and will leave at 2pm so come on out early if you plan to fly a club glider and be ready to launch any time after 12:30 .

I will take responsibility for getting the operations going this week - including getting the log sheets to Scot at the end of the day  but will ask that someone volunteer each future week so that we have one person to close up the facilities at the end of the day and send in all the paperwork each week . Each member who flies also has the responsibility of helping get their glider out and putting it back in the hangar , putting the battery back on charge and writing up their flight on the log sheet .

Spread the word - I'm looking forward to this and hope you are too.

Ron (ZA)