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Well Saturday proved to be yet another windy day for CISS Operations.  By noon winds were gusting to 24kts but straightdown 27!  We set up operations for 27 as it was windy enough to make any 9 launches impractical early on.  With no scheduled instructor flights for the day, Chris H took advantage of that fact and took his initial seasonal flight with Mike Nichols in the Grob.  He then took 2 additional 1000 foot tows to ensure he was current.  Needless to say the winds made for fast down wind legs, high cross wind base legs and very short final legs!    Bob Zitnick also was able to take advantage of the day to fly with Olaf as he, Bob,  is preparing for the his FAA check ride in the near future.   We had a total of 7 flights by 2:30 PM and bascially took everything back to the hangers as we had no additional customers.

Then around 3:15 Ron, Gerry, Dan and Brad started to discuss the soaring weather as base clouds appeared to be 5000 to 7000 MSL.  The soaring forcast still indicated lift inspite of the strong winds.   At 3:50 Ron and Gerry left in the Grob, and upon Mike Nichols return in the tow plane Brad the departed as well.       Total of 9 flights for the day. 

At 5:40 or so  Ron and Gerry had returned after having made it to 8400 MSL!!   Brad returned after about a 2 1/2 hour flight and reached 9200 MSL this day!!  Who would have believed that was possible!!~

After the crew day we had our first Club Cookout of the season, the first of 6 planned for the season.    We had just over 30 in attendance for dinner and I  expect we would have had more if the weather had been more encouraging for others to come out for the day to fly.   Perhaps we can attract more for the next cookout.@!!


Rick Hansen Crew Chief #3