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Weekend Contest, Day 4 Results

Mark Rottler's picture

We had another challenging soaring day across central Indiana. There were strong winds from south all afternoon; winds reached 23 mph at cloud base.  Some good lift, up to 4 knots, could be found, but it was scattered and difficult to work. The task was a 1.5 hour turn area task from Alexandria to Pat Robinson, Reese, and back to Alexandria. Four club members set off to attempt the task:  Ron Clarke, Rich Smith, and the combination of Kevin Johnson and John Earlywine. 

All three contestents made a valiant effort. They made multiple attempts to get around the course, but finally the winds became too much and everyone beat it back to Alexandria.  John Earlywine and Kevin Johnson made it the farthest, reaching the Pat Robinson turnpoint and getting within .75 miles of the Reese turnpoint.  Unfortunately, their flight only covered 17.5 miles and the task minimum is 25 miles.  The result is we had no valid contest day.

A big "thank you" to everyone who helped today. Todd Rutledge's crew provided excellent support for the contestants. Kris Maynard did another great job towing. Thanks to everyone for their help and participation.

A reminder that the next contest weekend is 12-13 July.  Let's hope for another good weekend of soaring weather.