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Annual Safety Meeting

Richard Hansen's picture

Well it's certain, spring is rapidly approaching, meaning the soaring season is just around the corner. Another sure sign is the club's annual Safety Meeting. This year the mandatory Safety Meeting is Saturday March 26th.  9:00AM

As in years past, a continental breakfast will be provided and I am planning on having lunch delivered again for those interested. Lunch will consist of Subway sandwiches, chips ,cookies and water. If the day is flyable, many of you will likely want to stay and get your check ride in the clubs new ASK21, CW!! Cost of the meal will likely be in the $6-6.50 range. You will be billed by Scot on your monthly statement to keep things simple.

So if you would like to have lunch, please drop me an email in the next 2 weeks!!! If you are planning on bringing someone and paying for a guest let me know and you will be billed for any guests you have as well. Once the order is placed I cannot add any more ,so plan now!!

Safety First