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Alexandria Indiana Airport


People are often surprised to learn the Alexandria airport is home to the largest soaring operation in the state of Indiana. 

The 62 year old Central Indiana Soaring Society moved their operations here iin 2004 from the Indianapolis Terry airport. It was known as the Knotts Airport and had been owned and operated for many years by Duane Knotts. The location and environment are an exceptional fit for soaring operations. In 2010, CISS purchased the airport and facilities. In addition to being the home of soaring operations it is maintained as a public use airport serving the city of Alexandria and the surrounding area. 

Soaring operations are conducted on Runway 9/27 on the hard surface and also on the grass edges to the north and south of the pavement. From April through October there are usually approximately 1000 glider flights. This makes for a busy airport when taking into account each glider flight consists of a takeoff and landing in addition to a tow plane takeoff and landing. This adds up to over 4000 takeoffs and landings per year. Most are on weekends, but members also fly gliders on New Years Day. Many members also attempt to fly a glider each month of the year. On week days with good soaring conditions often there are glider operations on an irregular basis. 

Airplane pilots looking for an interesting destination to visit are welcome. Please just use caution for heavy glider and towplane traffic. The CTAF/Unicom frequency is 123.05. 

Everyone welcome to drive in to watch the activities, visit with the pilots and take some pictures.