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The Quest for 100 flights

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Four Days of Soaring
Starting September 2nd, and continuing through
Monday, September 5th
, our club will be up and
flying! Come out and enjoy a flight…. Bring
family and friends!!!

Private Pilot Club members are encouraged to come out and fly all or each day
starting at 10:00 AM, Tow pilots are scheduled for all four days!!
Special Events!
Friday Fly With A Mentor
in one of the club’s
2-place gliders and
attempt a 50-km

CLUB COOKOUT on Saturday 6 PM, Pulled Porkl

Flour Drop and Spot landing contest on Saturday!

We will ATTEMPT to
log over 100 Flights in
4 Days!!!
This is the PERFECT time to bring
your friends and family out to the

Instructor’s On Hand Saturday and Sunday, Guest Rides available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday only.
4 Big Days of Flying!!!