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New Glider Flying Handbook Available

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The FAA has released an updated version of the Glider Flying Handbook as a pdf file. 

The prior version was 2003. 

The new version is available at:

There are still some issues with the content and editing, but the general agreement on rec aviation soaring, is that it is an improvement. 

Some of the issues highlighted include:

A quick look reveals serious errors still exist.

Figure 2-4 Elevator and Rudder not labled
Figure 2-9 indicates dive brakes extend top and bottom of wing, while spoilers are top only.

Figure 2-12 a Grob 103 with two elevator trim tabs.

Figure 6-11 and 8-8 shows mickey mouse tow rings.

Anyone reading the description of why an aircraft has an elevator would be hard pressed to correctly answer the question, "Why does an aircraft have an elevator?"