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New B Mapper Version Available


Members using B Mapper have encountered some issues when running on newer versions of Windows software. It has been fixed. 

Dale Kramer has released a new version of BMapper that solves crashes experienced by some users on newer Windows 7 PCs.  BMapper V114 Free is available at on the 'Downloads' page.

Thank you Dale for taking the time to support your wonderful BMapper program! 

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New Improved Skew-T Program Available


Reprinted here from an announcement on rec aviation soaring. 

Bill Moninger's Interactive Skew-T web site now no longer requires a Java plugin. Instead it uses HTML5.

For you non techies.. this means that you can get rid of the Java plugin in your browser. The HTML5 version is working well in production and beta. You can now use the site on your Ipads!

Read the instructions link

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Weekend Contest, Day 2 Results


After an outstanding soaring day across central Indiana, the second weekend contest day has been won by Brad Hays. Congratulations Brad! The task was a 2.5 hour turn area task from Alexandria to Portland, Hagerstown, and back to Alexandria. All five participating pilots finished with an average speed better than 45 mph, with the top two pilots exceeding 60 mph. Cloudbase was up to 8,000' MSL in spots.

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Weekend Contest, Day 1 Results


The first day of the 2014 Weekend Contest is in the books. Congratulations to the team of John Earlywine and Kris Maynard for winning the day!

A big thanks to the crew for all of their help and support and also to Lynn Joyce for the tows.

Detailed results below.

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Well Saturday proved to be yet another windy day for CISS Operations.  By noon winds were gusting to 24kts but straightdown 27!  We set up operations for 27 as it was windy enough to make any 9 launches impractical early on.  With no scheduled instructor flights for the day, Chris H took advantage of that fact and took his initial seasonal flight with Mike Nichols in the Grob.  He then took 2 additional 1000 foot tows to ensure he was current.  Needless to say the winds made for fast down wind legs, high cross wind base legs and very short final legs!    Bob Zitnick also was able to take ad

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Windy Weekend at I99


On Saturday, the crew had operations set up bright and early. Kevin Johnsen braved the 15+ crosswind for the first flight, followed by an intro ride for a local resident and two flights by Tom Beckenbauer before operations were cancelled for the day due to increasing winds. Everyone expressed appreciation to Gerry Whitson for his tows in the challenging conditions. 

On Sunday, the crew and several other members enjoyed some hangar flying and sitting on a new couch donated by Kris Maynard, but the fleet remained in the hangar due to the gusty winds. 


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Mike Nichols secures Wolf Aviation Fund Grant for CISS


Breaking News!

Mike Nichols has just received the following notification that his CISS Proposal for funding a program to introduce youth to soaring has been selected as one of the winning projects. Details to follow...... 

Congratulations!  Our review team has decided to provide partial support for your project. The document attached below represents the Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Conditions of Acceptance agreement for your grant proposal, as indicated on the form.............

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Wednesday Flying April 9


 If you are able to come on out and fly on good weather Wednesdays remember late Spring / early Summer can be very good .  Today we made 9 launches -  Longest flight was over 5 hours and cloud bases reached 7000msl by the end of the day . 

 Thanks to Kris Maynard for towing - he even did extra duty for two students one of whom ( Tom Beckenbauer )  made his first solo flight . Well done Tom.

Hope to CU more of you next week -  weather permitting. 

Ron Clarke  ZA

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Crew #2 Report Sunday April 6 2014


Sunday was a pretty good day for Crew #2 and for CISS.  We had nice weather, a good turnout, got 24 tows, plenty of sun & exercise and crew members and pilots got a chance to knock off some of the winter rust with some early season flying.  Overall not bad for a first crew day of the season and an outstanding effort by the crew under less than ideal field conditions and special thanks to Kris Maynard for a full day of excellent towing.

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