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Flying Wednesday April 9


This Wednesday ( April 9 ) looks like a very good soaring day so we will start up what we hope will become a regular flying day each good weather Wednesday this year .

Kris Maynard has kindly agreed to tow beginning 12:30 and will leave at 2pm so come on out early if you plan to fly a club glider and be ready to launch any time after 12:30 .

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Draft Rule Change could effect Experimental Gliders


Tom Klassen 2NO posted the following on the ras newsgroup which might be of interest to members flying on an experimental type certificate.

Pilots with S-LSA gliders like the Phoenix might start making comments. It could restrict their ability to fly over congested area or at night without regard to the pilot's certification level.

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A Great Day at the Airport


Following the excellent Safety Meeting and a bit of snow on Saturday, Sunday was finally a beautiul spring day at I99. Many members took advantage of the clear blue skies, unlimited visibility and calm winds to kickoff the soaring season. Tod Rutledge served as informal crew chief, Ed Escalon provided tows and many members assisted with other crew activities. The unofficial count was 22 launches. There were 5 instructors on the field, and at least 3 members completed flight reviews in addition to a number of other pilots making initial season flights with an instructor.

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Skew T Android App


A very interesting Skew T App developed by Alan Walls is available at the following URL.!topic/rec.aviation.soaring/Iwb4f-hZpYw

It provides a very easy to use diagram with a simple slider to show how conditions will vary throughout the day based on forecast temps. 

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John Earlywine, Master CFI Emeritus


John Earlywine, a 7-time Master and a SAFE member, was recently granted Master Instructor Emeritus (MIE) status in recognition of his many years of commitment to excellence, professional growth, service to the aviation community, and quality aviation education.  John is a Central Indiana Soaring Society CFI at Alexandria Airport (I99).  He also serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's South Bend FSDO area. 

John Earlywine, MCFI, with Condor flight simulator
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Action at Alex


Mike Nichols reports on activity at I99 on Saturday March 20, including some reassembly of 87Z by 6 or 7 guys. Ken and Ron cleaned and polished 87Z. They also taped the Grob and the1-34. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

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Excel IGC Logging


Frank Paynter, from Caesar Creek Soaring Club, recently posted the following on rec aviation soaring. If you have a folder full of igc files, it will create a log with dates and times. It appears Frank will continue to develop this and add features and capability based on user inputs. It is free. Have fun!

Had too much free time and I was bored out of my skull, so when pair-flying partner John Mittel (BZ) commented that he was having trouble finding a decent glider logging program that would process IGC files, I decided to give it a whirl. 

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Congratulations Mike Nichols


CISS has another Glider Instructor! 

Burt Compton published the following announcement on rec aviation soaring on January 26th. 

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AOPA Survey - Spouse's Feelings About Aviation


Does your spouse or significant other enjoy aviation?

He/she allows me to fly, but has no interest in participating

He/she enjoys flying with me

No -- he/she thinks I should stop flying

He/she would like to learn to fly

He/she is trying to find a way to buy our own aircraft

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2013 CISS OLC Winners Recognized at Banquet


Todd Rutledge presented award certificates to the winners in the 2013 CISS Cross Country Contest. Awards are based on OLC points. 

FIrst Place - Ron Clarke 4,108 km 43 flights

Second Place - Gerald Simpson 1,107 km 9 flights

Third Place - Todd Rutledge 974 km 9 flights

CISS had 9,086 km during 92 flights by 9 pilots down from 28,627 km during 173 flights by 17 pilots in the 2012 season. The wind damage and poor conditions definitely hurt our results. 

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